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Helena Artmann has a bachelor degree in Communications with a vast experience in PR and the online world. Before moving to Canada in 2005, Helena published a variety of articles in Brazilian magazines and websites, mostly about travel, adventure, outdoor, gear, environment and her favourite activities, mountaineer and hot air ballooning. This is her website: http://artmanncommunications.com

60 years

D. Dayse and S. Wolmy

D. Dayse and S. Wolmy

Tomorrow is a very special day: it is my in-laws 60th anniversary! Yes, 60 years of marriage – diamond. I don’t know if I met any other couple completing such an impressive mark before. When I start dating Ricardo, he invited me to their 50th anniversary to be completed in December when they were going to celebrate with a big party, but we were just in January! I thought he was crazy to plan so much in advance but time proved he was right and I was there to celebrate their gold anniversary as Ricardo’s wife.

These two had three kids, six grand kids and 4 great-grand kids (the fifth is still in the oven but soon to be added to the list). Their capacity to gather the family together is impressive. And the importance they place in the family is admirable. Almost a year ago, I think they had to go through one of the toughest pains in one’s life: lose a child. Ricardo was 53 years old but, you know, will always be their little one, the youngest in the family and I think they will grieve it for the rest of their lives.

I have a couple of memories that I want to share with you. Very special ones, I should add. One was in my home, here in Canada. The last time they come to visit, a couple of years ago, when Ricardo found out the cancer. My mother-in-law (they are and will always be my in-laws, no matter what!) was sitting on a chair and my father-in-law brought a chair to her side. He sat there, very quiet. She looked at him and asked what he was doing there. His answer? I am dating you! This is so darn cute that it almost hurts…

I think they still go out to dance very often – yes, dance. Cheek-to-cheek type of dance. Ricardo told me this story about one night club that wanted to give them a recognition for their years attending the club but they were not there that night. It was a surprise but that night they were dancing in another night club! Ricardo had to call the night club they were in and convince them to go to the other in time for the surprise. And I am sure my son’s family has many more stories about the love and partnership of this couple. I wish you many many more years together so my son can remember such a beautiful love story…

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