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Parenting and its Perks

A story that happened recently made me think I am going in the right direction when parenting my son. We don’t get these revelations very often and, being a single mom, I don’t even have my son’s dad to share experiences, questions and doubts. I am alone in this complex and bittersweet job called parenting.

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a glass of water

A Child’s Path To Independency

I was on a meeting with a client and seeing her dealing with two teenage girls made me think that I am still very far from having an independent son. She told me the story that, as a work mom, she liked to bring a glass of water every evening to her kids. And, now, as […]

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Picking my battles

The title of this post is one of the best phrases I’ve heard as a parent and food is one battle that I don’t want to enter. I’ve read an article a while ago saying that food should be something we share without fighting, something to be a pleasure – not pain. I agree 100% and don’t ask me how, but my son loves a bowl of salad between few other ‘weird’ things for a 3-year-old.

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Three Year Old Birthday Party

I started this blog thinking about food – how to cook and enjoy cooking with and for a toddler… But there is so many things you can do with your toddler that my fingers started to tickle and asked for more. So, there you go! My son turned three this week and I decided to throw him his very first party. So I invited more than a handful of his friends (and some of ours, with kids as well) to spend a couple of hours at the playground close to our home.

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