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Parenting and its Perks

A story that happened recently made me think I am going in the right direction when parenting my son. We don’t get these revelations very often and, being a single mom, I don’t even have my son’s dad to share experiences, questions and doubts. I am alone in this complex and bittersweet job called parenting.

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Creative Writing: 10 Things I Learned That Changed the Course of my Writing

I recently ended an incredible journey: six weeks of Creative Writing classes with Helen Rolfe and nine inspiring women. I had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up for the course – I knew I wanted to improve my writing and work on my book, but that was pretty much it.

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Alcoholics Anonymous Changed my Life Forever

Today I complete my 24th year sober. In this day, 24 years ago, when I was just 21 years old, I entered an Alcoholics Anonymous room and said that I was not going to drink that day, promising to come back the next day. ‘Just for today’.

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Audrey Duval

6 Things I Learned on my First Mountain Biking Lesson

Today I spent almost two hours riding with Audrey Duval, a mountain bike instructor, and got all the tips we could fill in that time. I’ve been biking for most of my life, but mountain biking is a completely new game, and this is my very first season.

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