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Creative Writing: 10 Things I Learned That Changed the Course of my Writing

I recently ended an incredible journey: six weeks of Creative Writing classes with Helen Rolfe and nine inspiring women. I had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up for the course – I knew I wanted to improve my writing and work on my book, but that was pretty much it.

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Finding My Voice

What am I doing wrong and what am I doing right are questions that pop into my mind on a daily basis while parenting my son. And when I think I know the answer, it changes again as my son evolves and changes his behaviour.

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Terry Real

How Can I Get Through to You?

After more than two years, I finally had my last counselling session. My counsellor mentioned before that I was ready to go ahead without her but just now I was confident enough to keep walking without her support. It was quite an interesting journey.

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Black run at Lake Louise

You Are Doing Great, Mom!

I can almost define each year of my learning to ski adventure: first year, I was happy enough to go down the chair lift without falling. Green runs were good, blue runs were challenging and black runs were way out of my league. Second year was when blue runs were not a mystery anymore and I was comfortable in blues no matter where I was, but blacks were still very challenging.

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