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I'll call you in Kathmandu

Learning a New Language

Learn a new language is interesting. Very. I am suspect as I like the subject and I get fascinated with it. There are levels for this learning and the usage you will give to it. I learned Spanish from travelling and it was very useful. The similarity with Portuguese let me read in Spanish without any formal training in that language.

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Ladies Program Day 1

First Day of (Ski) School

The Ladies Program at Lake Louise Ski Resort finally started! I had my first 2-hour lesson yesterday, with three other ladies and a fantastic aussie instructor: Patty skis since she was a teenager but this was her first formal lesson. She has two kids, 22 and 25. Carrie has three kids and this is her […]

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Double Black

Double Black

Finally, I got the pleasure to understand what ski on powder means. Well, not waist-deep powder, but still powder. Lake Louise received 17 cm overnight and we were hitting the slopes at 11 am today. It was windy and snowy, a bit uncomfortable on the top but very good conditions overall. We were 4 kids, 4 adults and we all had a blast!

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Lego for Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This post couldn’t be different… It is Christmas Eve, my son is happily opening some gifts that he got from our family in Brazil (the magic of Skype!), and mounting the enormous amount of Lego Hero Factory he asked for Christmas. I will have him busy for a few hours, at least.

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