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We eat with our eyes!

3 Bento Box Ideas for Your Kid’s Lunch

A while ago, I decided to buy a Bento Box for my son, as a way to diversify his lunch and help me being creative. It demands a lot of time and dedication but my theory is that I don’t have to be perfect nor so detailed as some of the images you can find on Pinterest.

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All set for Santa!

Santa Cookies

Apparently, we have to leave something for Santa next Tuesday evening. Cookies, a glass of milk and carrots for Rudolph. Milk and carrots are taken care of, so I decided to make some cookies yesterday, when we spent the day at home, with three sick kids. I went to one of my favorite recipes website: Chatelaine.

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Caramel Date Cake

The ancient Incas called quinoa ‘the mother grain’ and it is now known as a ‘super food’ for a reason: super nutritious, is high in vitamins and minerals, offers an easily digestible protein, it is almost always organic and full of fiber, iron and calcium. This cake uses quinoa flour and you can taste the nutty flavour on it. For this recipe, I changed the sugar to natural sugars like maple syrup and agave nectar. Dates are super sweet so, if you have a sweet tooth, this cake will definitely be a favorite!

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Beet Cupcake

Beet Cupcakes

I turned a ‘normal’ recipe into a ‘natural’ one, omitting the icing and all its icing sugar! I used organic ingredients most of the time, sea salt, and baking powder and baking soda without aluminum. Half of this recipe makes 9 cupcakes.

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