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Helena Artmann has a bachelor degree in Communications with a vast experience in PR and the online world. Before moving to Canada in 2005, Helena published a variety of articles in Brazilian magazines and websites, mostly about travel, adventure, outdoor, gear, environment and her favourite activities, mountaineer and hot air ballooning. This is her website: http://artmanncommunications.com

Three Year Old Birthday Party

I started this blog thinking about food – how to cook and enjoy cooking with and for a toddler… But there is so many things you can do with your toddler that my fingers started to tickle and asked for more. So, there you go!

My son turned three this week and I decided to throw him his very first party. So I invited more than a handful of his friends (and some of ours, with kids as well) to spend a couple of hours at the playground close to our home. ‘That’s the advantage of having a spring child’, said one of the moms… And I can’t agree more. After a long winter, being able to spend some time outside is a bless.

I decided to bring the party to the playground with a home-made decorated cake, some ‘brigadeiros’, as the most traditional Brazilian sweet couldn’t miss it!, juice, iced tea, water, some chips, and a tray of vegetables that, believe it or not, was the first to finish! The open space, the beautiful, sunny and warm day and the perfect guests make the party a total success. My son liked it so much that he kept asking me: “I want happy birthday again!”

And, as a mom, I have to share some ‘proud’ moments with you: my son almost made me cry when he started opening his gifts and handed his brand new cars to his friends to play with him…

2 Comments on “Three Year Old Birthday Party”

  1. sheeia02 May 21, 2010 at 5:26 pm #

    Your cake looks amazing and definitely scrumptious. I hope your son and his playground had a blast and enjoyed your marvelous cake.

  2. helenaartmann May 25, 2010 at 12:31 am #

    Thank you so much!

    And I do think they had tons of fun… 😉

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