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Finding My Voice

What am I doing wrong and what am I doing right are questions that pop into my mind on a daily basis while parenting my son. And when I think I know the answer, it changes again as my son evolves and changes his behaviour.

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a glass of water

A Child’s Path To Independency

I was on a meeting with a client and seeing her dealing with two teenage girls made me think that I am still very far from having an independent son. She told me the story that, as a work mom, she liked to bring a glass of water every evening to her kids. And, now, as […]

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Why I Rent Movies Locally

I live in Canmore, AB, a small town of 12,000 people, full of local businesses and mountain charm. Fast internet is accessible to everybody and stream a video on Netflix or rent it on iTunes is easy peasy. So, why rent movies in a movie store? Avalanche Movie or, as my son calls it, The Popcorn Store, is not just another movie store.

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A black run at Lake Louise, AB

3 Lessons I Learned on the Ladies Ski Program

My nine-week course is over. We had the best condition for the three-week extension and I skied harder and non-stop during this time. I had a different instructor, Toby, and just another participant, Lisa. We were both in a similar level, even if I had the feeling that I was way behind.

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